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A military spouse on a mission to help you transform your life!

Identify your anchors
 Navigate tough transitions
Chart your course to personal wellness

Are you...

Treading the waters of a huge TRANSITION and wondering how you’ll stay afloat?
Feeling STUCK on your journey to wellness and don’t know where to begin? 
Ready to make some serious changes, but STRUGGLING to stick to your goals?




I’m passionate about helping people exactly like you.  I believe that you have a divine purpose—a destiny that you were uniquely created to fulfill. But the first step on that journey is to become the healthiest and best version of yourself!  If you are a courageous individual who wants to take the next step toward discovering your purpose, transforming your life, and living your calling don’t wait another second! 

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Working with Nichole was refreshing and encouraging. It is easy to go through each day knowing “I’ve got this” yet running into the same stumbling blocks over and over again. Nichole was able to listen to all I had to say and then help me work through each area one at a time. This aided me to overcome and build the confidence I needed to reach the next goal I had set for myself. Nichole has a gift of listening to my words and then asking questions to assist me in the discovery of processes that would work for me. I appreciate that she did not tell me what to do, rather she coached me to become my best self in the areas I needed to grow.




My coaching packages are designed to help you navigate through your season of transition, prepare for the change to come, and take the steps you feel called to take with courage!

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Nichole Carrabbia Life Coaching

Certified Professional Life Coach 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach


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